About Us

Our Mission

Kinderhaven is a community organization dedicated to supporting children in crisis & giving them back their right to thrive by providing a safe, secure home in which their emotional, physical & mental well-being are protected & enriched.

Our teen living room is cozy, comfortable and just right for watching movies, reading or talking. (Teen favorites!)

Kinderhaven is…

  • A group foster home & emergency shelter for children who have been removed from their home for protection.
  • Making a difference in ways big and small, in the lives of children who have been emotionally & physically hurt.
  • Welcoming, we have had over 1500 children pass through the door since the first opening in in 1996.
  • A non-profit organization, directed by a volunteer Board of Directors
  • Open to children who come at a moment’s notice….day or night
  • The only facility of its kind in North Idaho
  • Is staffed 24 hours a day, all year round.
  • Hope for so many children

A typical bedroom at Kinderhaven