Meet Marsha Ogilvie

Marsha Ogilvie

One of the most influential and hard working women ever to call Sandpoint home, Marsha was a business owner, City council member, mayor, and although she worked hard over the years in many areas, her true passion was to help children. 

Marsha was a foster child herself, and could not bear to witness children removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect with no better place to go.  Many times, they were separated from their siblings due to a lack of foster homes, or worse, taken to juvenile detention to wait for a placement. In 1996 she rented a small house and worked tirelessly to build a foundation to call home for these children.

She raised the money, worked with state agencies, set up our non-profit and acted as the board chair for many years. Since then, Kinderhaven has nurtured over 1500 local children. We have evolved into a place of true healing; we strive to anchor the children into a life of love, stability and acceptance. Marsha passed away in 2014, leaving behind many beautiful legacies that shine on her spirit. 

Board members

Board Members


Kinderhaven Board of Directors

♦ Kathy Chambers – Board Chair and Volunteer Coordinator: kathyrchambers@gmail.com
♦ Kim Dierks – Vice Chair and Secretary: kdiercks@columbiabank.com
♦ Teri Nickisch – Treasurer: ternic08@gmail.com                                                                                                                                                  
♦ Megan Johnson- Secretary: mjohnson@litehouseinc.com
♦ Jen Plummer – Executive Director: kinderhaven@frontier.com

♦ Dianna Beck: dianna@allegrotax.com
♦ Jacinda Bokowy: jbokowy@mac.com
♦ Dana Bowen: danab@panhandleescrow.com
♦ Barbara Carver: jpbcarver@frontier.com
♦ Dave Deeds: bullriverbear@hotmail.com
♦ Jill Hicks: hicksjill@mac.com
♦ Rhonda Tate: rhonda.tate@gmail.com


Kinderhaven Ambassadors

Brandon Bowen
♦ Barbee Buchanan
♦ Vicki Cahill
♦ JP Carver

♦ Patti Clemons
♦ Margo Deeds

♦ Duke Diercks
♦ Julie Frank
♦ Tracy Gibson
♦ Lori Glynn

♦ Alana Hatcher
♦ Debra Heise
♦ Jason Hicks
♦ Patty Hutchens

♦ Richard & Donna Hutter
♦ Jim Lewis
♦ Tabitha Lough

♦ Nancy Molnar
♦ Francis Ogilvie
♦ Terri Palmer
♦ Margaret Peterson
♦ Marian Rust

♦ Sara Taylor
♦ Laurel Taylor
♦ Judy & Chris Thompson
♦ Leilani Williams
♦ Ruth Wimberly



Our Residence

Our Residence





Our Mission:

Kinderhaven is a community organization dedicated to supporting children in crisis & giving them back their right to thrive by providing a safe, secure home in which their emotional, physical & mental well-being are protected & enriched

Kinderhaven is…

  • A group foster home & emergency shelter for children who have been removed from their home for protection.
  • Making a difference in ways big and small, in the lives of children who have been emotionally & physically hurt.
  • Welcoming, we have had over 1500 children pass through the door since the first opening in in 1996.
  • A non-profit organization, directed by a volunteer Board of Directors
  • Open to children who come at a moment’s notice….day or night
  • The only facility of its kind in North Idaho
  • Is staffed 24 hours a day, all year round.
  • Hope for so many children

A typical bedroom at Kinderhaven


Our teen living room is cozy, comfortable and just right for watching movies, reading or talking. (Teen favorites!)